An Iowa farmer has put a special message in his soybean field. The Sioux City Journal reports the farmers, named Chase Roeder, Dan Roeder, and Casey Friedrichsen, wanted to share a special message to Iowa nurses in a unique way. Needless to say, they accomplished just that with this incredible display. Their farms are located southeast of Odebolt, which is approximately 3-hours and 15-minutes from Cedar Rapids.

The farmers admitted they weren't sure how to pull off the feat, so they reached out to a precision ag consultant from an area John Deere dealership to aid them in making the message come out properly and appear legible for those with a drone, or helicopter to read. They said other than part of the letter R, which had to be seeded by hand, the technology worked without issue. It also took a majority of the summer for the crops to grow into the proper shape, which left many of their neighbors to wonder what was going on. Well, now they know, and it looks VERY cool!

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