[MONDAY UPDATE] The Quintana Roo's head prosecutor has provided an update on the specific gas that killed an Iowa family last week. According to KIMT, Miquel Angel Pech,

Unfortunately, they found the area where the water heater was letting gas escape, perhaps because of a lack of maintenance, perhaps because it was in use, perhaps because of the age of the equipment. In fact, a high concentration of this toxic (gas) was found in the room. In fact, a high concentration of this toxic (gas) was found in the room.

He also reported the family was found in different parts of the condo:

Some were lying in their bedrooms, and the children were playing, one in one part of the room and the other in another part of the same room.

[SATURDAY UPDATE] Authorities in Akumal, Mexico, where the Sharp family of Creston, Iowa went on vacation last week have announced what led to the death of all four members of the family.

According to the Quintana Roo state prosecutor's office, they died of "asphyxia by inhalation of toxic gases." The attorney general's office statement went on to say,

the bodies ... showed no evidence or traces of violence, nor evidence of anything being disturbed inside the room, so violence from a possible theft was discarded.

Investigators are examining the gas system in the condo to determine how the family was exposed to the gas that took their lives. It is believed that Kevin, Amy, and their children Sterling and Adrianna had been deceased between 36 and 48 hours when their bodies were found in Mexico on Friday.

A funeral for the Sharp family is expected to be held late this week at Southwestern Community College in Creston. Powers Funeral Home is handling the arrangements.


[FRIDAY UPDATE] Some very sad news to confirm, via this statement from the Creston, Iowa

Police Department:

Creston Police Department via Facebook
Creston Police Department via Facebook

[ORIGINAL STORY] What has happened to the Sharp family of Creston, Iowa after they arrived at their vacation destination? That's what everyone is wondering after the family of four left for Tulum, Mexico Thursday, March 15. They haven't been heard from since reporting they had arrived at their condo in Mexico that night.

Concerns have grown exponentially this week. Wednesday (3/21), Kevin, Amy, Sterling, and Adrianna Sharp were all supposed to fly from Cancun to St. Louis. They were then scheduled to go to a basketball game in Danville, Illinois yesterday (3/22). The family wasn't at the game and since the night of the 15th, no family or friends have heard from them and their social media accounts have been inactive.

According to a Facebook post, their family has filed a missing persons report with the U.S. Embassy in Mexico. Their cell phones have been pinged. The phones were confirmed to still be in Mexico, but have not moved.

KCCI reports the Crest Police Department is working with the State Department and there is an "active missing persons case."

We'll update this story as more is learned. In the meantime, please join us in praying for this Iowa family's safe return.

Ashli Peterson via Facebook
Courtesy Ashli Peterson via Facebook

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