It's been eight days since University of Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts of Brooklyn, Iowa disappeared. As authorities continue to search for her across the nation, the number of Iowans that have disappeared since is startling.

Mollie Tibbetts photo via Poweshiek County Emergency Management Agency
Mollie Tibbetts photo via Poweshiek County Emergency Management Agency

Mollie was last seen Wednesday, July 18. She is one of 36 Iowans reported missing in the last eight days, according to the Iowa Department of Public Safety. Below are the dates each was reported missing, their name, age, and county or town they were reported missing in:

  1. July 18: Mollie Tibbetts-20-Poweshiek County
  2. July 18: Mackenzie Lipp--16--Muscatine County
  3. July 18: David Harn--16--Waverly
  4. July 19: Mackenzy York--15-Mason City
  5. July 19: Malachi Vanderpool--15--Cedar Rapids
  6. July 19: Caleb  Rennie--19--Council Bluffs
  7. July 19: Nazario Campbell--13--Cedar Rapids
  8. July 20: Joshua Wallace--17--Washington
  9. July 20: Nia How--15--Waukee
  10. July 20: Larry Hook--39--Iowa City
  11. July 20: Madeline Francis--15--Davenport
  12. July 20: Joesaiah Armstrong--14--Davenport
  13. July 20: Yaritza Arita--15--Des Moines
  14. July 21: Kristen Golliher--32--Keokuk
  15. July 22: Mary Schultz--55--Sioux City
  16. July 22: Shane Kellum--43--Cedar Falls
  17. July 22: Thomas Bishop--16--Tipton
  18. July 22: Martin Smith--57--Ottumwa
  19. July 23: Isabelle Buckman--14--Council Bluffs
  20. July 23: Yvette Avila--17--Cedar Rapids
  21. July 24: Summer Williams--17--Des Moines
  22. July 24: Asa Starr--14--Sioux City
  23. July 24: Belinda James--15--Council Bluffs
  24. July 24: Alberta Harlan--16--Indianola
  25. July 24: Maydelin Guerra-albatado--15--Des Moines
  26. July 25: Serenity Wieman--13--Davenport
  27. July 25: Christian Luhr--25--Fairfield
  28. July 25: Kylee Heatherly--19--Clinton
  29. July 25: Luke Cox--26--Council Bluffs
  30. July 25: Emagehn Champagne--17--Clinton
  31. Today: Aryana Usher--16--Cedar Rapids
  32. Today: Ashleigh Schossow--13--Cedar Rapids
  33. Today: Daishaney Phillips--16--Davenport
  34. Today: Dustin Gervers--17--Newton
  35. Today: Mckenna Driver--15--Davenport
  36. Today: Donnell Carter--16--Cedar Rapids

There are currently more than 400 people from Iowa listed as missing persons. For more information on any of the missing persons listed above, please click HERE. If you have information about anyone listed, please call the Iowa Victim Service Call Center at 1-800-770-1650.

Friday (7/27) morning, the Iowa Department of Public Safety released this statement:

In light of the missing person investigation of Molly Tibbits, concerns have come to light about the number of juveniles reported missing in Iowa in recent weeks. In FY 2017 4,311 juveniles were reported missing to The Missing Person Information Clearinghouse. This is an average of approximately 12 juveniles a day. The vast majority of which are found or returned home within 24 hours. Typically these cases are runaway situations. The number of missing juveniles reported in recent weeks is in line with historical numbers.

Little 7 years schoolboy going to school.

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