The home of the Iowa Hawkeyes is clearly the place to go if you need to take a deep breath.

Last year, Iowa City was voted #1 as the "Least-Stressed City in America" and now has fallen to #2 for 2016, according to Which city has the least stress of any in the ole USA? That would be Boulder, Colorado.

500 Cities with a population of 67,500 or higher were judged on different factors ranging from a city’s divorce rate, unemployment rate, civilian labor force, housing costs and income.

Iowa City has the 15th-shortest work-week and the 13th-lowest as far as bankruptcy rate is concerned. What helped Boulder knock Iowa City out of the top spot was physical activity rate and entertainment per 1,000 businesses.

Here's the ten cities with the least stress:

#10--Fargo, North Dakota
#9--Missoula, Montana
#8--Ann Arbor, Michigan
#7--Columbia, Missouri
#6--Flagstaff, Arizona
#5--Eau Claire, Wisconsin
#4--Madison, Wisconsin
#3--Duluth, Minnesota
#2--Iowa City, Iowa
#1--Boulder, Colorado

There's definitely a trend here... a whole lot of midwestern cities. That begs the question, do you feel stressed? Then again, maybe we should ask that question on Monday and not Friday. I have a feeling we'd get a very different answer.

For the complete list of all the cities, CLICK HERE.

[via SmartAssett]