When it comes to small-town charm, it's hard to beat downtown Iowa City. Like many other small college towns, it was just one year ago the almost perfect midwestern combination of hipster commerce.

What a pleasure to simply walk the Pedestrian Mall with its unique blend of arts and book shops, bars, and good eats. While things are still in lockdown now, it's important to remind ourselves that won't last forever. At some point, things will reopen, customers will return.

Iowa's News Now reports the Iowa City Council has approved $12 million in tax financing towards revitalizing the Pedestrian Mall. The Gazette stated that the council unanimously approved the financing Tuesday.

Sounds like they're going to spend a little and work to spruce things up, in what was described as an effort to "preserve the character" of the Ped Mall. The funding is a vote of confidence in the future with a promise to keep the iconic features of downtown Iowa City.

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According to Iowa's News Now, the multi-million dollar project involves designating buildings as historic landmarks in order to renovate and preserve them.

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