Last year, Rolling Stone published a new article online titled, "Phil Collins’ ‘In the Air Tonight’ Drum Break: 9 Takes on Music’s Most Iconic Fill." If you scroll down to number six on the list, you may notice a few familiar faces! Popular Iowa band the Pork Tornadoes were mentioned in the article, thanks to a collaboration they did with a group of Minnesota Vikings fans!

Back in 2019, the Pork Tornadoes were playing a show at a Vikings tailgate, when they encountered the Vikings Skol drumline. If you're not familiar with the group of drummers, the Skol Line was started back in 2008 to provide entertainment at home games and other events. According to the Vikings website, "ensemble members come from a variety of backgrounds including former marching band and drum corps members, teachers, small business owners and various other professions."

The Pork Tornadoes and the Skol Line decided to perform a song together, and "In the Air Tonight" seemed like the obvious choice. The moment was captured on video and uploaded to the Pork Tornadoes' YouTube page, where it has since received over 40,000 views! Here's what the Rolling Stone article had to say about the performance:

"As the cue finally arrives and the beat comes pounding in, a palpable feeling of joy washes over the musicians and crowd alike — almost as though they were celebrating a heavy rainfall after a long drought."

The Pork Tornadoes were thrilled to be mentioned by Rolling Stone, sharing the article on social media with the caption:

"There have been some [mind-blowing emoji] moments in our band's history, but being featured in a Rolling Stone article might be the most mind-blowing of all!"

You can check out the rest of the videos to make the list (including a hilarious one involving a deer!) HERE.

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