Student debt. There's a reason that the topic is being addressed by so many of the candidates running for president this election cycle. It's because many of us have A LOT of student debt hanging over our heads. In this world we live in, it is the price we pay for a college education. No matter where you stand on some of the candidate's debt forgiveness programs, you can bet the message will be repeated here in Iowa. We're one of the states with the most student debt.

Our friends over at Wallethub looked at a variety of different criteria when compiling this study, including average student debt, unemployment rates, and students with past-due loans. Iowa came in at number 5 among all states with the most student debt. We ranked 20th in average student debt, which is just above average. Iowa is 7th in the nation in percentage of loan borrowers over the age of 50, and 9th in the country in the number of students with debt.

But the numbers weren't all bad. Iowa was tied for first in the lowest unemployment rate in people age25 to 34, so at least college grads are finding jobs. The state also ranked number one in grant growth and opportunities. There is no doubt that student debt is a growing problem not only for Iowa but for students across the nation.

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