We all move to different places for different reasons. But eventually, most of us want to land someplace where we can raise a family. I've always considered Iowa a great place to raise a family. I loved growing up here, and I think my kids have too for the most part. WalletHub recently completed a study on the best places to raise a family, and the Hawkeye state once again did very well!

In order to come up with their rankings, WalletHub gave each state a score in four different categories. They are, Family Fun, Health and Safety, Education and Child Care, and Affordability. There were countless sub-categories involved in each of those as well. In all, there were 52 items that each state was graded on. Now, on to the results!

Our state of Iowa came in #12 overall. The state ranked 34th in Family Fun, 8th in Health and Safety, 11th in Education and Child Care, and 15th in Affordability. The state also boasts the 5th highest median income in the nation, and the lowest housing costs in the country.

Massachusetts was the state that ranked #1, closely followed by Minnesota and North Dakota. Nebraska finished 11th and Wisconsin came in 14th. All in all, Iowa is still a great place to raise a family. What we trade off in leisure activities, we make up for in cost of living, education, and safety. Those are reasons enough for me to stay!

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