For a state that doesn't have any professional teams, we sure are big fans of sports.

Since we don’t have any pro teams of our own, there are a lot of favorite teams in the state. Cardinals, Cubs, Twins, Packers, Bears, Vikings, and Blackhawks are only some of the many favorites. Since we can’t usually watch these teams in person, our only option (if we don’t want to travel) is to watch them on TV. USDirect crunched some numbers to determine what states watch the most sports. As you can imagine, Iowa made it pretty high on the ranking.

Three metrics were used to calculate: TV watch-time, interest of a household in sports, and interest of a household in TV/movies. Data was also pulled from product purchases, subscriptions, and surveys to determine rankings and interest in eight popular sports (baseball, basketball, football, golf, hockey, skiing, soccer, and tennis). The results of this data concluded that Iowa ranked No. 10 out of all 50 states when it comes to watching the most sports.


That’s pretty high. And the sport that we’re watching the most of is (you guessed it) football. There’s no surprise there. Especially considering how we’re home to many passionate Hawkeye football fans. It makes sense that the college sport's fans would take the love of the game into the pros too.

The best news is that it's football watching season, so get your remotes ready. Go Iowa!

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