Do you remember your ACT score? I just remember there being a lot of pressure to score well enough that I would have options of getting into college. I ended up scoring a 25. Not great, but high enough that I could get into college. Iowa's ACT scores have fallen again. It's a trend that educators would like to see stop.

According to Iowa City-based ACT, scores in the state fell for the third straight year. Statistics also show that fewer high school graduates are considered ready for college. Around 68% of Iowa high school students took the ACT test. They averaged a composite score of 21.8 out of a possible 36. The national average is 20.8.

While Iowa's score is above the national average, scores continue to slip, especially in math and English. Since 2014, Iowa's benchmark score for math has fallen from 48 down to 44 percent. English benchmarks have fallen from 75 to 70 percent. Nationwide numbers are following a similar trend.

Nationwide, only 40% of 2018 high school graduates are ready for college-level math courses. That's the lowest number in 14 years.


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