It seems like data breaches at retailers have become something of a norm. We hear about these breaches and we don't bat an eye. But your information could be at risk, including account numbers and banking information. In the past year, some big-name retailers have been hacked. If you've shopped there or online, you could be in danger.

At least 14 major retailers have had security breaches since January of 2017. Nearly all of them were caused by flaws in their payment system. Retailers are worried that too many of these breaches could cause customers to shop elsewhere. Someplace where they deem their information is safe. Here are just a few of the retail giants hacked in the past year.

  • Sears - The company alerted customers on April 4th. Nearly 100,000 customers may have had their credit card information stolen if they shopped online with Sears between September 27th and October 12th of last year.
  • K-Mart - The company is owned by Sears and was also affected by the data breach.
  • Best Buy - The electronics giant was hit by a data breach on April 5th. It also alerted customers. The retailer said that only a fraction of their online customers might be affected.
  • Under Armour - How about getting your app hacked. It happened to Under Armour as information from the MyFitnessPal app was accessed. No payment information was stolen, but more than 150 million people's personal information was.
  • Panera Bread - They confirmed on April 2nd of a data leak on its website. Personal information including partial credit card numbers was stolen. The flaw has been repaired but not before over 37 million people's information was hacked.
  • Forever 21 - The clothing store alerted it's customers back in November of a data breach. Customers who shopped in stores from March through October of 2017 are at risk. Personal information was stolen as well as credit card numbers.

Those are just a few of the big name stores affected. You can view the full list HERE.


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