I think all parents know that all it takes is a few, short minutes for your kids to find themselves in some trouble!

That's what happened to one of my Facebook friends Keshia. She recently left out some face paint and then went to take a quick shower. When she returned, her daughter had painted her ENTIRE face a bright, shiny purple! She looked to be pretty proud of herself:

Keshia Salow
Keshia Salow

When kids find themselves without parental supervision, sometimes things can take a turn for the worse, FAST. I remember when I was in elementary school, my family had offered to watch our class guinea pig over spring break. My dad and I took it out onto the grass with a little fence on it, but when he went inside for a second, I let it loose and then had to chase it down and tackle it before my dad got back. I don't think he ever knew, but I definitely learned my lesson!

Whether it's five minutes or five seconds, leaving your child alone for any amount of time is a real gamble. Parents, we want to hear your stories! "I left my child alone for 5 minutes and they [INSERT YOUR ANSWER HERE]" - leave your answer in the comments below!

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