When Hurts Donut Company opened in Iowa City, it changed the lives of donut lovers like myself. I've been down to the Johnson County location a couple of times. They also made a delivery up to Linn County several years ago, in which I stood in line for at least a half hour to get my fix. Now, another Eastern Iowa city will be home to a Hurts location!

First of all, that city is NOT Cedar Rapids. Or Marion. Or Hiawatha. Or Robins. Or anywhere else that is easy and convenient for me to get my donuts! OK, now that I'm done being bitter, congratulations to Cedar Falls! You're getting a Hurts Donut! The company made it official on Facebook over the weekend and the reaction from fans was overwhelming!


This is literally all the information we have so far on the Cedar Falls store. No opening day has been listed as of yet. But we'll pass it along when it becomes official!

The Cedar Falls store will join the other Hurts Donut Iowa locations in Iowa City, Des Moines, and the Quad Cities.

[via KWWL]

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