Don't want to get too full too soon? We've got some pointers!

Popular Science wants you to get the absolute MOST out of your Thanksgiving meal, so they have come up with five steps to help you do just that. According to the article "HOW TO EAT AS MUCH FOOD AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE THIS THANKSGIVING," here's what you need to do:

  1. You need to prepare yourself. Don't fast before the meal, because if you starve yourself before dinner, you won't be able to eat at a reasonable pace. Exercising in the morning is also a good way to prepare, because it will stimulate your appetite. When dinner finally does arrive, take some deep breaths and think peaceful thoughts before diving in.
  2. Make the right choices. According to Popular Science, "An over-full feeling isn’t just caused by a stretched-to-capacity stomach. Your body also triggers feelings of fullness by releasing hormones and enzymes as you eat." That means it matters what order you eat your food. Start with the carbs, like potatoes, stuffing and rolls. Then you can move onto turkey and veggies. Also, be sure to take sips of your beverage while you eat, but don't chug a large glass of it, because that will take up valuable space in your stomach.
  3. Take a little break. When you get too full, take a breather. Usually the volume of food in your stomach will start to reduce within a half hour, and then you can head back for seconds.
  4. Don't get lazy. After the meal is over and you feel like you might explode, resist the urge to lay down on the couch and die. Get up and move around, because it will speed up the digestion process. Drinking more liquids will also help move things along.
  5. Dig into dessert. Sweet foods won't fill you up as quickly, so you go ahead and eat two pieces of pie. It is Thanksgiving, after all.

For more details on the science of it all, click HERE.