Note to self... if there is a spider on your gas pump, lighting it on fire is a VERY BAD idea.

A Michigan man caused a bit of a disaster at a gas station on Friday when he tried to kill a spider by lighting it on fire. The spider is definitely dead, but there were probably some better options that were less damaging to the gas station...

The unnamed man was filling up his as tank in Center Line when he spotted a spider, which he was clearly afraid of. His solution? Pull out his lighter and set it on fire! Unfortunately, the spider wasn't the only thing to go up in flames. Fire and gasoline just aren't a good combination!

The entire gas pump was destroyed, but luckily the man was unharmed. Even his car made it out ok! He was able to put out the fire with an extinguisher before the fire department arrived, which helped prevent even more damage.

The fire-starter was very sorry about the accident, and it is expected to be covered by the gas station's insurance. Phew!

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