How much would you pay for fast food condiments? The answer to this question should of course, be nothing. They're free and for the most part readily available inside fast food locations! Ah, but don't tell that to the internet. There is a secondary market for fast food condiments, including hot sauce packets from Taco Bell.

As my father used to tell me, something isn't worth money unless SOMEONE is willing to buy it. And apparently, people are willing buy hot sauce packets they could get for nothing! Taco Bell hot cause packets are a hot commodity right now, and I'm not quite sure why. But if you head on over to eBay, you'll find them up for sale. Fox News reports that most listings are offering 50 or 100 sauce packets for sale, but note there are listings for a single sauce packet!

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Fox reports that some of these listings are jokes, asking super high prices for the sauce packets. One asked $12 for a rare empty pack, while another asked $25,000 for a rare pack that wasn't as rare as the seller believed. But there are many legit listings to be found for 40 to 50 packets selling for around $12 to $15! For something you can get for free at any Taco Bell! I don't get it!

That being said, we always save fast food condiments at the Brain house. The most popular? Sweet and Sour sauce from McDonald's and the Polynesian sauce from Chic Fil A! Do you keep a stash of sauces in YOUR fridge?


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