Dad -- the guy who taught you to ride your bike, coached you in Little League and helped you do your algebra homework.

A tie just isn't going to cut it, is it?

People will cough up an average of $125.92 for Father's Day this year, a healthy jump from the $115.57 they removed from their wallets in 2015. All told, we'll spend $14.3 billion, a healthy amount -- and the most ever for the holiday -- but still well short of the $21.4 billion grateful kids fork over on Mother's Day.

So, what will people be giving dear ol' dad? Here's a look:

    • 65% - greeting card
    • 47% - special outings such as dinner, brunch or other types of a “fun activity/experience”
    • 43% - clothing
    • 41% - gift cards
    • 22% - "gift of experience," such as tickets to concert or game
    • 20% - electronics

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