Financial security. It's a basic human need. We all want to live comfortably. But just how much does it take to live with financial security in Iowa?

According to Clark Howard the investment guru, it may be less than you think.

By using the Living Wage Calculator, the "experts" have researched how much money it would take to make it in every state.

For Iowa, that's about $49,000 a year. Really?!?

Forget about a vacation. How are you supposed to afford a $50 dinner for two and $100 concert tickets on that income?

Now, it's no surprise that New York and Hawaii are not cheap places to live.

But Iowa is actually pretty much in the middle for the most affordable places in the U.S. to make a decent living. Iowans enjoy relatively affordable housing, and decent jobs.

The researchers at MIT say the  Living Wage Calculator pegs the needed salary at $48,882 for Iowans. The site reports the median Iowa family income is $56,247.

Sounds low to me. How much do you think it takes to make a decent living in Iowa?

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