Yes, we realize $100 is worth $100, but your money will go much farther in Iowa than in some other states!

A new study by The Tax Foundation takes a look at the value of your money in each U.S. state. How exactly did they do it? Well according to Thrillist, they "used 2015 data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis and then applied that data to a $100 sum. The final numbers are how much $100 in that state will buy you based on the national average price of goods." 

Things are looking pretty good for us in Iowa! We came in at number 11 on the list, with $100 here valuing about $110.74. Actually, most of Midwest came in pretty high on the list. The East and West Coasts were a little bit more pricey. Your $100 is worth the most in Mississippi, Alabama, and Arkansas, and it's worth the least in Hawaii, Washington D.C., and New York (no surprise there).

From what I've heard, getting a beer at a bar in New York is like three times what it costs here in Iowa. I also know somebody who lived in Hawaii for a short time, and they HATED paying for milk because it was over $6 a gallon! Sometimes living in the Midwest really has its advantages!

You can check out the rest of the rankings HERE.

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