"Texans stick together. They're a lot like Iowans." That was Hayden Fry, the former Iowa football coach speaking fondly of residents of his home state. While Fry may forever be associated with Hawkeye football, his roots lie in Texas, and among his oldest friends is the Bush family. Former First Lady Barbara Bush passed away this week at the age of 92. Her husband, President George H.W. Bush, was at her side holding her hand. The two were no strangers to the friendship of Hayden Fry.

Fry and the former president used to work long hours in the oil fields of Texas together. In fact, it was Hayden Fry that got George and Barbara Bush their very first apartment together. Fry said that the parents of a girl he was dating at the time in Odessa, Texas had a garage apartment they wanted to rent. George was just out of active service in the military and he and Barbara were looking for someplace to settle. Hayden got the deal done.

Hayden would go on to do a few campaign stops for George W. Bush when he was running for president. Not a bad man to have by your side when you're trying to win over people in the Hawkeye state. I'm sure Hayden is among the many mourning the loss of the former First Lady this week.


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