Just when you thought you've exhausted the complete list of area Christmas light shows and displays, there's one light show that Iowa Hawkeye fans will love, but you'll have to drive all the way to Illinois City, Illinois to see it.

I was waiting to post this article just before Iowa's bowl game that was scheduled for Wednesday, December 30th vs. Missouri. Disappointedly, the game was canceled because of COVID-19 concerns within the Tiger football program. However, don't despair Hawkeye fans, we still have the #10 men's basketball team in the country that is taking on the #19 team, the red-hot Northwestern Wildcats, (it must be 2020, I never thought I'd utter that sentence, EVER). Anyway, the Hawks need our support tonight, so there's no better time to strike up the ole' Iowa fight song, set to a Christmas light show, complete with team color lights and a "tiger hawk" on the garage roof.

*Follow-up - On the strength of the "blizzard of 3's" from Iowa's Jordan Bohannon, the Hawks pulled away and beat Northwestern 87-72.*

Now this is what I call some holiday spirit and team spirit! GO HAWKS! (scroll down for video)

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