If you enjoy being the house in your neighborhood with the most trendy Halloween decorations, you'll thank me for this one later.

The most popular Halloween decoration so far in 2020 is a 12-foot skeleton from Home Depot. People who follow these decor trends insist this skeleton is the holiday must-have, complete with creepy animated LCD eyes that appear to move and blink. Yikes!

It's even gotten some love on Twitter:

Need more proof? A TikTok video of the assembly has gone viral, showing three Home Depot employees going all-out to build the enormous skeleton.

Here's the bad news. The Home Depot Halloween skeleton, which lists for $299, is completely sold out online (which has only made it more popular).

No word on when it may be restocked, but you can leave your email address and they will notify you when the skeleton is available to make this the biggest Halloween of your life!

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