Nebraska head coach and former Iowa State great Fred Hoiberg looked, well, sick on the sidelines during Wednesday's Nebraska vs. Indiana game at the Big Ten Tournament. BTN broadcasters said that the coach had been ill and could be seen with his head in his hands. Hoiberg left for a local hospital before the game ended.

With coronavirus fears stretching into the sports world, many feared the worst. But after getting medical treatment, Hoiberg was diagnosed with influenza, not COVID-19. He texted a member of the media from Ames that he was "good." Hoiberg reportedly returned to the team hotel after being released from a hospital in Indianapolis.

The coronavirus has already impacted the world of sports greatly. All conference tournament games going forward will have no fans in attendance. That includes today's Iowa vs Minnesota game in the Big Ten Tournament. The NCAA also announced that all March Madness Tournament games will also not allow fans to be in attendance.


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