The Granger House in Marion is a glimpse into the past, and how life was lived over 100 years ago. But that house is also in need of some repairs and because of its historic significance, that can be tricky.

The 1848 home is in need of a new roof. The one now hasn't let any rain in yet on the historic house, but the current shingles are worn and have moss growing on them. So the community is being asked to help. First, there is the cost. $30,000 is the expected cost for the new roof. Because of the homes place on the National Register of Historic Places, the repairs have to be done historically accurate. Cedar shingles are much more expensive than asphalt ones.

Donations of cedar shingles are being accepted as well as stainless steel staples. Proceeds from all summer events will go towards paying for the new roof. The museum also relies on memberships and visitor donations as well.

[via Gazette]

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