Senior classes around the U.S. won't have proms, a class night, or graduation ceremonies. Just the thought makes my heart hurt for them. Communities all across the nation are brainstorming ideas on how to honor their graduating seniors appropriately. Davis Public Schools in Davis, Oklahoma has done it beautifully.

According to KXII, the city of under 3,000 in south Central Oklahoma hired a company to produce 30 banners. All but one of them features two of the school district's 59 graduating seniors, with one on each side of each banner.

Davis Public Schools via Facebook
Davis Public Schools via Facebook

Granted, this isn't possible in a city like Cedar Rapids but wouldn't it be awesome if many of Iowa's small towns were able to make this a reality? As Lauren Esparza said,

It was just awesome to see all of the banners going up, and we just came down here as soon as possible with my family and looked at our banner and took pictures.

Great job, Davis, Oklahoma. Great, great job.

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