Alright, folks, it looks like Christmas is coming nine months early this year. Every adult in the United States will be getting $1,200. If you have children, you'll get another $500 per kid.

This is part of a package to help Americans help offset the effects of coronavirus. The money will be in the hands of Americans within just a few weeks if approved by the House Friday and signed by President Trump. Both are widely expected by both sides of the aisle.

With that said, we will all have more money in our pockets then what we have now. I'm glad the government stepped up, there are lots of folks that need the help and it's good they will get it.

So, for the rest of you---I ask you this: What are your plans for the cash?

Do you plan to be responsible with the money? Will you pay an old debt or will you use it to put food on the table?