In the post-game press conference following Iowa's season-ending win over Nebraska, head coach Kirk Ferentz commented on the win likely putting Iowa in a warmer bowl climate than last season. Yes, the Hawkeyes enjoyed their Pinstripe Bowl appearance and win last year in New York City. But the team and their fans will be more comfortable no matter where they play their bowl game this season.

Representatives from the Holiday, Outback, and Citrus Bowl were all at Kinnick Stadium on Friday with their eyes on the Hawkeyes. The most likely landing spot for Iowa right now? It's the Holiday Bowl played in San Diego. Most projections have Iowa playing here against either Washington, Utah, or Stanford. So what could change?

Well, a Northwestern upset of Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship game would upend the whole thing. That scenario is unlikely. But Iowa fans should watch what happens to Penn State. PSU is ranked #12 in this week's poll and closes with Maryland this weekend. If PSU loses, they would most likely fall out of a New Year's Bowl and take a warm weather spot away from either Iowa, Wisconsin, or Purdue. The Hawkeyes have done their job. All we can all do now is sit back and wait.


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