I have a soft spot for nurses. My wife is an OB Nurse and after 5 years of loving her career and where she works, she's moving on and becoming a traveling nurse! That means that she'll be contracted out by a service that helps supply nurses all over the country, to hospitals that are short-staffed. Now, is definitely the time for her to do this, as so many nurses have become burned out by the pandemic. Long hours, over-time, completely covered in PPE (Personal protective equipmentto keep themselves safe from contracting COVID-19 and spreading it when they get home and seeing more patients suffering through this sickness and too many who never make it out of the hospital. This has taken a major toll on these professionals, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Nurses work hard and hardly ever get the recognition or pay that they deserve.

OB RN, BSN - Unity Point Allen Hospital
My favorite nurse! OB RN, BSN Karna - Unity Point Allen Hospital
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Now is your chance to nominate that nurse that deserves to be recognized. Whether it's a family member that you have personally seen the toll it's taken on them, yet they keep going back to do what they do, or someone who made your situation in the hospital or doctor's office better, by just them being who they are and showing you the attention and care while also doing the same for maybe 10 others on your floor, now is a way for you to put them up for special recognition.

The WCF Courier is asking for nominations of those people so that they can be voted on by the community for a special section of the paper, coming in May. 10 nurses will be chosen by the votes and other criteria to be featured in the May 8th issue, celebrating National Nurses Week.

Doctors go to school a little longer, do the diagnosing of the ailment and what treatment is best for the patient, but it's the nurses who do most of the work. Hey, docs are great too, and are certainly needed! I'm not knocking them in any way. But the nurses are the front-line. The soldiers in the field, the boots on the ground that get to know their patients very intimately. I'm sure you're aware of the importance of having nurses and why we're all lucky to have them when we need them.

This is your chance to show them how much you mean or have meant to them and how you appreciate what they've done for you or a loved one. Nominate HERE!

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