Today was a special day for one Cedar Rapids man, as he was released from the hospital after battling COVID-19.

According to a post on the KCRG Facebook page, Donald Wheeler was released after a month and a half battle with COVID-19. Wheeler was the first patient that nurses intubated for the virus and, as you can see from the video, it was a special moment for all as hospital staff greeted Wheeler on his way out.

As the hospital doors open and Wheeler's wheelchair is rolled through to the outside world, nurses and staff are there to applaud his recovery and see him out. Such a special moment for everyone involved and it's nice to see a recovered patient on their way back to their home and normalcy.

Another Cedar Rapids family was asking for prayers, and those prayers seemed to have been answered. Chad Edmonds is a 44-year-old man who was battling COVID-19 at St. Luke's. We're happy to report that he is out of the hospital just like Wheeler. We hope that everyone that is battling this terrible virus can overcome it just like these two men did.

Shoutout to the all of the nurses, doctors, and hospital staff for their great work in combating the coronavirus. Thanks especially to all of the nurses, as it is National Nurses Week after all. Hopefully we continue to see more success stories just like Wheeler's. It warms our hearts and gives us all of the feels to see someone who has just been through so much get to go home, and to see staff that has worked so hard get to see their healthy again.

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