A recent photograph posted on social media of discarded books and other media items garnered a lot of attention recently for the business involved, Half Price Books. The photographs showed dumpsters behind the Marion location filled with things shoppers would normally find in stores. Predictably the public reacted negatively questioning Half Price Book's motives. Managers for the store say that there is an easy explanation.

Half Price Books resells many media formats including books, movies, vinyl records and more. When they can't resell them, many items are donated to various causes. But sometimes, according to store managers, items simply aren't in good enough shape to put back into the public. The items in the dumpsters included books that were missing pages or were badly stained. CDs and DVDs that are badly scratched are no longer good for sale or donation. Changing technologies also make certain items, like VHS tapes, no longer relevant.

Staff at the store say that items are recycled when possible, but some books use glue that isn't recyclable.


[via KCRG]

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