Our Iowa gal is out in Nashville living the dream!

Shueyville-native Hailey Whitters had a huge 2019, but 2020 might be even bigger! She announced on social media yesterday that her full-length album is due out next month.

Back in September, after releasing several new singles, Hailey put out part one of her new album The Dream. The Days featured six songs, including some of her previously released tracks.

It looks like Hailey is finally ready to give us the rest of her new music! She announced on social media yesterday that all 12 songs from The Dream will officially be released on Friday, February 28th. The post reads:

"THE DREAM is a paycheck at the end of the week. It’s waiting tables in a TEN YEAR TOWN because this next song could turn it all around. It’s THE DAYS I need to catch up with my sister. Getting drunk in the afternoon, cause I’m mixing RED WINE & BLUE. Sometimes it’s standing all alone in your party dress, cause you’re someone else’s DREAM, GIRL. It’s being tied down by LOOSE STRINGS, and taking a fast lane right back to your last name and blue skies in the HEARTLAND. It’s sardines in a can, mowing your own lawn, and a glass of red with JANICE IN THE HOTEL BAR. It’s whatever makes ya HAPPY, PEOPLE. It’s low lights with ALL THE COOL GIRLS, and falling for THE FAKER because THE DEVIL ALWAYS MADE YOU THINK TWICE. It’s the heartaches and big breaks, the wrong turns and mistakes, that lead to the laugh lines, the highlights, the blessings... I’m out here livin, ain’t we all down here LIVING THE DREAM."

The tracklist for the album is as follows:

  1. Ten Year Town
  2. The Days
  3. Red Wine & Blue
  4. Dream, Girl
  5. Loose Strings
  6. Heartland
  7. Janice at the Hotel Bar
  8. Happy People
  9. The Devil Always Made Me Think Twice
  10. All the Cool Girls
  11. The Faker
  12. Living the Dream

Hailey performed many of these songs at her show at DanceMor Ballroom in Swisher back in September, but we're looking forward to listening to them as many times as we want!

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