You could tell when our Furry Friday dog Grady walked in this week that he was special. Grady is a 10-month-old Lab mix and is currently at Last Hope Animal Rescue in Cedar Rapids. He is black with some white spots on him and he is a lover! And we soon found out that Grady truly gets along with everyone!

Grady is what they call a unicorn. He gets along with other dogs. He gets along with cats! He loves adults and kids too! He is literally the perfect dog for any family or situation. He is still fairly young at just 10 months, so Grady does have some work to do as far as training goes. But he already has cuddling on the couch mastered!

If you want to find out more about Grady or to fill out an application for adoption, visit Last Hope Animal Rescue. I'd hurry because unicorns are rare! They don't last very long!

*Furry Friday is brought to you by Theisen's Home, Farm, Auto.

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