How do you know that you're getting older? When your body starts to fail you. When we're in our 20's we think we're invincible. We think we'll always feel this way! Reality hits quickly. I remember when I first felt 'old'. It was when someone told me that my bald spot was getting bigger. I said 'what bald spot?' Now look at me! When does stuff start to fall out and hurt? According to a new survey, here is when it all starts to go south!

Headaches and migraines start in at around the age of 24. Back pain at the age of 33. Knee problems at 37. Grey hair starts showing up at the average age of 39. Joint pain and arthritis at age 40. And those dreaded hot flashes at around the age of 50. Remember, these are average ages based on the results of a survey. Your situation will obviously be different. Look at mine for example.

I'm 41. I don't have migraines regularly. I don't have constant back pain. My knees are fine. Arthritis is at a minimum. Now the negatives. My hair isn't grey, it's GONE. And I have mesh to repair a sports hernia in my stomach and titanium bolts and screws in my foot thanks to a joint fusion. Despite all that, I feel pretty darn good. Remember, age is just a number no matter how you feel!


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