I can still remember the Christmas when my parents got me my first radio with a CD player and the two CDs I got with it. No more cassette tapes. It was a digital world now! But in 2018 the compact disc is about to go the way of the Walkman. Best Buy stores have announced they will stop selling CDs this year. Target stores may soon follow. The music world now consists of streaming services and digital downloads.

My first two CDs? 'Bad' by Michael Jackson and Nelson's 'After the Rain'. I still remember the thrill of skipping to the next track instantly! No more fast forwarding or rewinding! Before long I had my first Discman, and then a CD player in my car. I had folders full of CDs. Some of my friends had 10 disc changers in their car trunks! But now, the CD is experiencing what every other format of music storage has. Becoming obsolete.

Think about the last CD you purchased. I bought an older Eric Church album off of Amazon last year, but only because I knew I wouldn't be able to find it in stores, and my car stereo doesn't have a place for me to hook in my iPhone to stream the album. But that was it last year for me. Like many, I pay for a streaming service. Spotify gives me access to millions of albums and songs including new releases. I pay $10 a month. For the cost of ONE CD, I get access to millions of songs. To make things even more confusing, vinyl continues its comeback. I buy more records than CDs now. The big box retailers cutting CDs will still sell vinyl! Hows that for a strange turn of events!

Before you get rid of your thousands of CDs, I recommend boxing them up and putting them in storage. Hey, maybe in another 25 years hipsters will be just begging for you to pull out an old 'disc' and give it a spin!


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