It was a first glimpse of the future last night at the Marion Independent school board meeting. Our first glance at the new logo. Howl at the moon Marion...we're about to be Wolves!

This entire journey of getting rid of the Indians nickname and mascot and finding something new has been well documented here, and in every other media outlet in Eastern Iowa. Was the decision to move on from Indians the right one? I believe so, yes. Was the process handled smoothly and correctly? Well, clearly the answer is no since this is the second vote and mascot choice. Mavericks was the first choice, until it was discovered to have a checkered past too.

The school board approved the new nickname of Wolves during a meeting last month. Last night's meeting was to reveal a first look at a proposed logo. The district, according to KWWL, did not approve the logo, but instead decided to purchase a draft of the logo and potentially make changes to it. Here is the logo that was purchased.

via KWWL
via KWWL

As far as wolves go, I think this logo looks fine. Menacing? No. That was actually a complaint by some members of the Marion School Board. KWWL reports that they didn't think the new logo looked fierce enough. Board member Sheri Funck went as far as to say "red and gold are not the best colors for working with a wolf." Good grief, here we go again.

Could the wolf show some teeth? Sure. But leave the colors alone. Hasn't the district been through enough? Now you want to change the color scheme too? I mean seriously, how bad do you want to look like Linn-Mar? And yes, that is meant to be a slight! Let's end this mascot journey soon! Agree on something that all of Marion can take some pride in. This wolf is ready to howl.


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