With the high price of holiday shopping, at least consumers are enjoying some relief at the gas pump. The price of fuel continues to fall across the state with the average price per gallon just over $2.

So why are prices so low? Most of you won't be surprised to know that it has to do with the price of oil, which has fallen 25% since October. Reasons for the price drop include low seasonal demand, concerns about the U.S. economy, and sanctions against Iran. Experts say to enjoy the relief because oil prices are due to rebound. Perhaps just in time for holiday travel?

We checked out prices for gas in the Cedar Rapids area on GasBuddy.com. Prices range from the low of $2.07 per gallon up to around $2.15 per gallon. According to the site, the lowest price in the state for gas is selling at $1.88 per gallon! Chances are the lowest prices might be at stores like Sam's Club and Costco who often give discounts to members.


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