It was a memorable visit from Santa, with a stylish present they'll never forget.

"We're about to make history", said former Iowa running back Andre Dawson.

After his monologue Friday afternoon, all 250 students at Cedar Rapids Garfield Elementary School will be sporting new Nikes heading into 2020.  Dawson is the director of "Imagine For Youth", a foundation that provides support to help students grow into skilled athletes.

The foundation was created by Micah Hyde, another former Iowa Hawkeye and now Buffalo Bills football star in the NFL. Dawson was at Garfield for a sing-along program, when shortly thereafter he made the announcement and presentation.

They donated backpacks earlier in the year to Grant Wood Elementary students and will plan more events at other schools to make similar donations in the near future. In other news out of Fostoria, Ohio, Hyde and his foundation also reportedly wiped out the lunch debts of an entire high school, much like an anonymous donor here in Tiffin, Iowa.

Needless to say, the kids were giddy, but the more important goal is to show how important it is to give back when you're in a position to do so.


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