Ask Iowa fans what they remember most about Josh Jackson and they'll tell you all about the amazing one-handed pick against Ohio State. The pick-six against Wisconsin. Plays like those had Jackson trending as a first-round NFL draft pick this spring. Many experts were shocked when the Green Bay Packers selected Jackson in the second round at pick number 45. The Packers may have gotten the steal of the draft.

The numbers on Jackson this preseason are amazing. Yes, I know it's only the preseason but heading into the final week of the preseason, Jackson is ranked the number one corner in the NFL. Let that sink in. A rookie grades out as the top corner in the league. QBs targeting Jackson have completed only 1 in 7 pass attempts. He has one interception return for a touchdown. Another pick six got called back. He has more interceptions than completions allowed!

Yes, it's only the preseason and Jackson will see new schemes and plays when the regular season kicks off next weekend. But it's a great start for someone that Hawkeye fans knew would make it big in the NFL!


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