Ford has announced a second recall of 327,000 pickups in North America, due to cables that could cause fires.

The recall affects 2015-2019 F-150 trucks and Super Duty trucks from model years 2017-2019. The engine block heater cables in those vehicles may have been damaged during the inspection for a December 2018 recall related to water and contaminants getting into cables and causing corrosion. That corrosion could cause the cables to short out and cause fires.

Last December's recall covered 874,000 trucks, but only 327,000 of them were taken in by owners for the recommended repair. That's when they may have been accidentally damaged. Under the new recall, dealers will cut the prongs going into the electrical outlets, disabling the cables, and thereby preventing the possibility of fire. Ford will eventually provide new cables to all of the owners of the recalled trucks but a timeline isn't currently available.

The F-Series trucks made by Ford are the number one selling vehicles in America.

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