For the first time in nearly a month, the KHAK morning show will actually take place in the KHAK studios! The last time Courtlin and I were in the studio on the same day was back on Tuesday, July 7th. Then we both were diagnosed with coronavirus and our world's were turned upside down. So was everyone else's who works at our stations.

My last physical day working at our studios downtown was on Thursday, July 9th. Courtlin was already home sick awaiting test results. That Thursday night I developed symptoms including a fever that officially kept me at home. Then the positive test results officially put us in quarantine for 10 days. Our business offices were shut down through the end of the month. They weren't taking any chances, and I don't blame them. This virus is extremely contagious.

So once Courtlin and I got feeling up to it, we began alternating days on the air with Bob James. Bob was able to stay healthy help us get a show on each morning. After a week of alternating shows, we were able to use a program called Cleanfeed that allowed Courtlin and I to be on the air at the same time. There were a few sound issues, echoes and delays, but it was as close to normal as we'd been in awhile. Until today.

Today, we're back in studio where we belong. Except Courtlin. She's in Michigan on a vacation that is long overdue! Sure I'll miss broadcasting from home. Having my cat Cora sit next to me during a break. But being back in studio means that we'll be able to do a 'normal' show again. I'm not sure what normal is in the year 2020, but today feels as close as its felt in a long time.


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