A new study found the average household throws away 11 meals worth of food per month! I know we throw a fair amount of food away in our home. Some of it goes bad waiting to be eaten. But when do you get rid of certain foods? Do you go by the dates printed on the package? Turns out you might have a bit more time.

First of all, manufacturers and grocery stores will both tell you, the dates are just suggestions. I know plenty of people that treat those dates as LAW. They won't go past them. That's fine and well, but if you want to save a little money, you might be able to go a few days longer. Milk and yogurt can go about one week after the date. Hot dogs are good for at least another week. Bacon can last another week as long as its unopened. Butter and cream cheese are good for nearly a month after the expiration date.

Once again, dates may vary especially if you've opened the package. But don't be so quick to throw food away. Saving a little each month can add up quick!

[via Huffington Post]