As the temperatures are rising during the heat wave spreading across the country, there are some surprising consequences that can occur. Of course during this heat wave, it is smart to continually stay hydrated at all times and always have a water bottle with you. However, be careful where you leave your water bottle in the heat!

According to a news release from ABC 6 in central New York, leaving a plastic water bottle in a hot car with direct sunlight could cause a fire to start in your car. First responders in the area have put out a warning and explained that if you leave a full water bottle in your car in direct sunlight, the water and plastic create a magnifying effect and which could set a fire to the car. According to the responders, it takes time to get to the right temperature for this to happen but it is a possibility.

So be warned to not leave full water bottles in the car in case they can start a fire... plus warm water is disgusting.

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