Sometimes I find things on the internet that amuse me for hours. This is one of those things.

Have you ever wondered what the #1 movie in theaters was on the day you were born? Ok, probably not. But now that I asked, you probably want to know, right? Right! Thanks for agreeing with me!

I found a website where all you have to do is enter your birthday, and out pops the #1 movie on that day. It also tells you the average price of a movie ticket on that day, and they were wayyyyy cheaper than they are now!

The number one movie when I was born was "Oscar" (May 3, 1991), which I've never even heard of. Another movie I need to add to my list? Possibly! It was $4.21 for a movie ticket at that point in time.

Brain's result was the "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" (October 7, 1974), another movie that I've never seen, but there's no chance of me watching this one! And, it was only $1.87 for a movie ticket!

It's your turn! Click HERE to get your results. Which movie was number one on your birthday and have you seen it? Leave your answer below!