The words of the late Ray Kinsella were quoted last night at a theater in Keokuk. The writer died September 16th. Iowans know him best for his book 'Shoeless Joe' which was turned into the movie 'Field of Dreams'. The Iowa Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday night involving the movie site and it's future.

Most of last night involved the argument that the Dyersville City Council acted improperly 4 years ago when in rezoned The Field of Dreams from agricultural to commercial. That made it possible for the proposed youth sports complex project to come to light. The All-Star Ballpark Heaven would feature several dozen ball fields. Many fans of the movie, including myself, don't want the fields built on the movie site. The court must decide if the city council gave citizens the right to object the project and whether the rezoning was fair.

The movie holds a special place in my heart and in the hearts of many others as well. Thousands still flock to the site for a baseball pilgrimage. My family has several times. It is simple and pure. It is everything that is great about Iowa. It simply shouldn't be exploited by those hungry for profit.

"People will come, Ray." They still do. They always will. They come because of baseball, and family and memories. Let's hope the Iowa Supreme Court keeps the other fields away.

Ryan Brainard


[via Des Moines Register]