The Cedar Rapids Gazette reports that the FBI is warning residents about plans for armed protests in all 50 state capitals and in Washington D.C. leading up to President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration, raising fears of even more bloodshed following last weeks riot at the U.S. Capitol.

An internal FBI bulletin, according to the Gazette, warned that as of Sunday, nationwide protests could start later this week and extend through Biden's inauguration on January 20th. According to the Associated Press, investigators believe that some of the people involved are members of extremist groups. That fact is also being reported by ABC News. 

One official speaking to the AP on a condition of anonymity, quoted the bulletin as saying, "Armed protests are being planned in all 50 state capitals from January 16th through at least January 20th, and at the U.S. Capitol from January 17th through January 20th." The FBI says that they are not focused on any peaceful protests, but instead on ones that threaten the safety of U.S. citizens.

Officials with the National Guard report that they are also being kept in close coordination with local authorities in all 50 states.

Experts say that last week's Capitol attack has only emboldened some Trump supporting extremists. Posts online have talked of a 'Million Militia March' on the day of Biden's inauguration. The Gazette reports that the event is organized by a promoter of the pro-Trump QAnon conspiracy theory. A massive crowd is unlikely. But many point out the same thing was thought about last week's group too.

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