The craziness surrounding this now viral 40-ounce insulated cup with a handle, a straw, and a lid in a variety of colors continues to prove the power of the internet. It all started because a woman's car caught on fire, completely obliterated except for the Stanley Quencher cup sitting in her cup holder untouched.

It was originally invented by William Stanley Jr. who lived in Connecticut and  Massachusetts. It was in 1913 according to the CT Insider website when he invented the Stanley cup with inner and outer layers that were both metal for durability to replace the glass vacuum flasks on the market, mostly for storing and transporting milk.

Stanley cups for decades after didn't come with straws or fun colors because they were geared at men and used by blue-collar workers as well as campers and outdoor enthusiasts.

They still are.

Oleg Bilyk
Oleg Bilyk

Jump ahead to 2016 where fun colors and straws widen the audience appeal to include women and they started selling at Target. They didn't do that well until 2019 when a shopping blog called The Buy Guide started selling them to readers after striking a deal with Stanley according to the Business Insider. 

Then enter the burning car video from 2023 and we've never looked back as this video catapulted them to a cult status where even the shelves of Targets everywhere have trouble keeping them stocked.

By the way, being the age of shopping online like never before because of the pandemic, you can click here on the Stanley website to browse and buy, too.

PS: In a marketing genius move, Stanley bought the woman whose car burned, a brand new one. According to CNBC, Stanley went from $70 million in sales in 2020 to $750 million in 2023.

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