There was a story out this week that Kid Rock is considering running for the Senate in Michigan. It's nothing new for celebrities to run for political office. Our current President is the latest to be included in this trend, but Ronald Reagan was an actor who became Governor of California and then President. There was Arnold Schwarzennegger, actor-turned-Governor of California-turned back to actor and reality TV host. Jesse Ventura was a wrestler who became Governor of Minnesota in what was considered an upset victory. But it even happens right here in Iowa. Fred Grandy, who played Gopher on "The Love Boat", was a longtime congressman who also ran for governor of our state. We have a few other notable celebrities who are from Iowa, that would make decent, if not good to great politicians.

  • Brian Bahr, Getty Images

    Kurt Warner

    Former NFL star, new football Hall of Fame inductee and famous Iowan Kurt Warner, is obviously highly beloved here, is well-spoken and could easily fit into the job of say, Health and Human Services director or be a senator, congressman or governor of Iowa.

  • Larry Busacca, Getty Images

    Tom Arnold

    Everyone loves Tom Arnold. He is a native Iowan, devoted Hawkeye fan and definitely has a great sense of humor. Hire him as press secretary or bring him back to Iowa as governor.

  • Mike Coppola - Getty Images

    Ron Livingston

    Most famous for the movie "Office Space", you don't hear too much about his politics but he is from here and he, too, could probably make a good press secretary or something like, say, lieutenant governor. He could run for mayor of Cedar Rapids, too, since he is from here. If he could come back to Iowa and make that happen, yeah, that'd be great.

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    Michelle Monaghan

    The actress is a native of Winthrop, Iowa with international appeal. I would appoint her secretary of State or an ambassador to the United Nations.

  • JB Lacroix, Getty Images

    Ashton Kutcher

    Don't let his goofy demeanor fool you. He loves Iowa and definitely would take well to a leadership role in our state.