I wasn't much of a 'Roseanne' watcher when the show had its original run on TV. But all the commercials leading up to the reboot which premiered last night on ABC, had me intrigued. The original cast is back. Dan isn't dead! Would the show still speak to middle America? Does it ever!

I'm not sure why this version of 'Roseanne' hits close to home for me. Perhaps it's because I have a family of my own now. Maybe because, just like the Connor family, my own family resides in the shrinking middle class that lives paycheck to paycheck. They talk about issues that every American can relate to. Medical bills. The cost of medication. Bullying at school. It was all covered in episode 1!

There was something else present during the premiere too. Politics. Much has been made of Roseanne Barr and her support of President Trump. Many wondered how the show would handle the topic. They handled it just like many families in our country do. Roseanne Connor and her sister Jackie, haven's spoken in over a year because of the 2016 election. They were on opposite sides. Just like many other families were. They finally reunite exchange insults and agree that the bond of family is stronger than politics. I enjoyed the back and forth and thought that both sides of the aisles were equally targeted.

The new 'Roseanne' hits on so many changed family dynamics it's hard to keep track. Grown kids living at home. DJ home from serving in the military. A grandson who likes to dress up in girls clothing. All topics that were touched on in the premiere and will no doubt be expanded upon this season. Chances are, the show will hit on something you or your own family are going through. It has shown in its first week that nothing will be off limits. I think a reason I enjoyed the show so much is that I can see something of myself in the struggles of the Connor family. In the end, those struggles end up bringing a family closer together. Thanks, 'Roseanne'. You got me. I'm in.

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