The painting on this page is one that hangs in our living room. It has ever since Holly and I got married back in 1999. It is a Terry Redlin print. It has all the signature Redlin trademarks. The sunset, a rural setting, a tractor, and some labs in the foreground. It's everything that I loved about growing up on a farm. Famed wildlife artist Terry Redlin passed away on Sunday. He was 78.

Redlin's art is everywhere. I can't think of a hunting or outdoor enthusiast who doesn't have at least one of his prints. They weren't just paintings either. Redlin's work would eventually be on everything from coffee mugs to popcorn tins. All with the glow of life in rural America. Redlin was voted America's favorite artist from 1990 to 1999.

Redlin grew up in South Dakota before taking a job in the Twin Cities. He always carried a polaroid camera with him to take pictures of the Minnesota woods and other scenes in nature. His first big break came in the form of a magazine cover in 1977. He never looked back. Some of his original works sell today for up to $2,000.

Terry Redlin was also a big believer and supporter of outdoor conservation. He donated art to Ducks Unlimited that resulted in $28 million in funds for the organization. Redlin retired from painting in 2007 due to dementia. More than 150 of his paintings and other works can be viewed at the Redlin Art Center in Watertown, South Dakota.


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