A new survey found that employees and managers disagree on the most common breach of workplace etiquette.

Managers and workers alike were asked the question: "Which one of the following is the most common breach of workplace etiquette committed by your staff/coworkers?" The leading answer for managers was people being distracted/on their phones during meetings (27%), but the number one answer for workers was office gossip (28%). For managers, office gossip tied for second place with not responding to calls/emails in a timely manner (18%). For workers, not responding to calls/emails came in second (21%), with being distracted/on the phone during meetings coming in third (16%).

I've had quite a few jobs so far in my lifetime, and I'd have to say office gossip is the most ANNOYING thing there is. I also hate when people in the office steal food. In what world is it ok to take someone else's food and eat it?!

What is something your coworkers do that drives you absolutely nuts? We want to hear your answers!

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